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Ghiradelli Square
CrewLeader: Karen Harrison 2000-2003

A prime tourist site in San Francisco, this location had many guidelines which required absolute adherance when it came to safety and looking tiptop 365 days a year.

The site involved 40 hours of maintenance and color rotations every 5 weeks. A rotation involved 27 flats of color.

The Mermaid Fountain was the primary focalpoint for the color rotations and revolved around season, holidays and special functions.
The other premium focalpoint was the Larkin/Beech St. entrance. These 2 beds were filled with perenials, maples, a Bronze Loquat, and Bamboo backdrop.
The Rose Bed was full of many varieties of roses, both new and old. The underplantings were Lavender, Companula, Nemesia and bulbs.
The bed near the Anna Mandara restaurant was a shade garden with Azaleas, Clivia, Companula, Japanese Anenemone, Hydrangeas and bulbs like these beautiful EasterLilies.
This bed located below the stage and by the Pearl Of Orient store was full of Agapanthis, Clivia, Ferns, Companula, Bergenia, and starring Fuchias and Microfuchias.
This area nicknamed Maple Alley was full of several varieties of Maple. The underplanting included ferns Companula, Japanese Pieris, and Whisteria.
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