Quote of estimated prices:

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1. Do you want underplanting (ie. Santa Barbara Daisy).

2. Do you want lower priced plantings that will mature with time or would you prefer already matured plantings. There is generally a big difference in price from 1 & 5 gallon plant material and the more mature 15 gallon plant material.

The total job has been broken down into 3 Stages explained in the table below. Stage 3 is where the most flexibility is. These prices can be brought down if you do not want all the containers suggested.

This also does not include boulders or bench.

These figures are based on an estimation of the square footage of the area to be worked on so there may be small variances added to the amounts of rock.

Stage Service description Cost breakdown Total
Stage 1

Tree removal (not including rootball)

4 fruit trees & neighboring fenceline branches

5 hrs labor/$40.00=$200.00
dump fee=$100.00
Stage 2 Grading/weedblock/rock & flagstone installation 8 hrs labor/$40.00=$320.00
Rock/1-2"/600 sq. ft =$550
Flagstone/1 ton/100 sq. ft/$265.00
Weedblock/800 sq. ft/$100.00
Stage 3

Container setup (not including plant material but is including planting time)

based on:

2 2x2x6 galvanized troughs =$276.00
1 2x2x4 galvanized trough=$97.00
3 terracotta 30" round pots=$480.00

3 cu yds soil

3 bgs 1/4" mulch

6 hrs labor/$40.00=$240.00